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Download my Rubik Cube solver application by clicking on the image below.



This cube program enables the user to solve his Rubik's Cube. After entering the cube, the user can play with the cube or have the computer provide a solution.

Note that the solution is not an optimal solution. For this, a lot of math and big tables are necessary. See for instance for a mathematical solution (less that 20 steps!).

This means that the number of steps required to solve to cube will usually be a lot more than the optimal solution. However, the user can learn how to solve his cube himself by looking carefully at what the computer does.

The computer will:
* Solve the top of the cube
   -first the edges starting at the right/top edge and going in counterclockwise direction
   -then the corners starting at the right/top/front corner and going in ccw direction
* Turn the cube around
* Solve the middle layer of the cube
* Make a cross on the top of the cube (edges are flipped ok, position may vary)
* Solve the corners of the cube
* Fix the position of the edges on the top

Since the cube can be rotated using your mouse, I have chosen a naming convention that uses the colors of the side (=middle square) instead of the front/back/right/left/bottom/top convention seen elsewhere. Counterclockwise and clockwise means when facing the middle square of the side you're looking at.

I hope you enjoy this program. Please send any comments to the e-mail address in the Help->About box of the Cube.exe.

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Please note: Cube.exe is not derived from, is not associated with and is not endorsed or sponsored by the owner of the RUBIK'S CUBE Trademark. This owner is Seven Towns Limited, the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the RUBIK'S CUBE three dimensional puzzle and provider of an electronic version of the puzzle via its official web site at  2009